Sexual Health Clinic

STI Clinic- helping you resolving your sexual queries

As they say “safety is better than cure”, people who like to get involved in sexual acts should know the necessity of STI Clinic. It is the perfect place where everyone can find the solution of their queries related to their sex life and make it more interesting for their partners.

Sexual Health Clinic provide the proper sex education, information for safer sex, condoms, tests to detect STI’s and its treatment. STI Clinic or STD Clinic or GUM Clinic has the arrangements for detecting the STD’s and cure them efficiently. All the vaccination would be done under the supervision of the expert doctors. These clinics also provide vaccinations to prevent infections from the hepatitis A, hepatitis B and some strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) for young women also.

STD Clinic is of great advantage to everyone as it has the proper diagnosis for HIV. The testing includes rapid tests by taking blood samples giving results in just about 30 minutes and also provides counselling for the HIV positive patients. There is a PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) that can help in preventing the development of the HIV if anyone’s exposed to it.

These STI Clinic or Sexual Health Clinic also provide counseling for people to give information about all the STD’s and STI’s. Experts present at the clinic tend to give advice to young women about the consequences of abortion. A patient should trust these experts to let them test if there is an internal disease. As the patient do have the choice of picking a male or a female clinician according to their comfort level it gives an extra advantage for people to take a step ahead.

Usually the clinician inspect inside of a cheek for HIV, vagina if suspected Chlamydia and possibly gonorrhea, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (a Pap test) etc. The patient should take care of the recommended tests and these tests should be done as quickly as possible as prescribed by the clinician. These tests are also conducted in the STD Clinic only under the supervision of the clinician.

Be it a boy, girl, gay or a lesbian anyone of any age can go to GUM Clinic for their testing. Most of the clinics organize separate sessions for counseling and that too with a choice of their dates. As far as the identity is considered, there will be complete strictness to keep it confidential until the patient wants to reveal it. Help yourself with the help of STD Clinic.

Size Matters

For many years, doctors have accepted the link between obesity and erectile dysfunction. Ignoring the purely physical problems of coupling when the expanded waist may get in the way and the excessive weight may be difficult to support, the researchers recognized that diabetes can damage the nerve endings and high levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause artherosclerosis. As the arteries harden, the first symptom will be erectile dysfunction. The penile artery is one of the smallest in the body and the first to show signs of damage. So if you see a trend of sexual problems as a younger man, this is a dangerous sign of heart disease. Without treatment, the latest evidence suggests the possibility of a stroke or heart attack within five years. But weight problems at the other end of the scale may also cause problems.

A new study from Denmark enrolled 5,500 adults into a trial. It seems women who are at either end of the weight range have fewer problems with sex. Although low body weight can affect menstruation and cause vaginal dryness, it does not physically prevent sexual activity. Even obese women find little difference to their sexual health. The real surprise was that women who admitted smoking cannabis were three times more likely to lose their enjoyment of orgasms. But, when compared to men of average weight, very thin men are more than 20 times likely to some form of sexual difficulty. This can be erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, low sperm count, and so on. Similarly, obese men were significantly more likely to experience sexual problems.

The moral of this story for men could not be more clear cut. If you have an exceptionally low BMI, you should eat more if you want to avoid sexual problems. Putting on some weight will improve performance and enjoyment. This is not to advise you to supersize on junk food. That will do far more harm than good. Within sensible limits, you should eat larger portions of more healthy food until you approach an average body weight. In this, note it will not do you any good to take one of the erectile dysfunction drugs. If your body is not responding because of low weight, the drug is unlikely to be effective. Erections should return naturally if you begin to put weight on.

If you’re obese, it’s in your interests to lose weight as quickly as possible. As well as reducing the physical amount of food you eat, it’s also a good idea to begin a program of light exercise. As you tone up the muscles, sexual performance will improve naturally. Viagra remains an option if you’re overweight, but it will not help if the nerve endings have been damaged by untreated diabetes. Once the peripheral nerves are damaged, they will not regenerate. Similarly, if you’re affected by artherosclerosis, you should receive treatment to reduce the risk of heart disease. There’s no point in solving the problem of erectile dysfunction in the short term if you have a stroke in two or three years time. Although you can self-medicate with the Viagra you buy online, it’s always better to get proper medical advice based on a full health check-up. When your body weight’s involved, guessing is not a safe option.

Intimoments an Intimate Product For Sexually Active Women

Intimoments is an intimate product specifically designed for women, whose active ingredients ensure healthy functioning of the vagina and sexual organs and may help maintain a harmonious sexual life. An unsatisfactory sex life can negatively affect the other aspects of life.
IntiMoments natural cream from CaliVita helps maintain health vagina and a satisfactory sexual activity. IntiMoments use does not involve any risk; the cream does not contain hormones.

The concept of sexuality and sexual health is relatively recent, until the 19th century is mentioned only desire and passion, not only in literary language, but also in medical terminology. The study of sexual behavior took off it was not until the 20th century, and at first it was considered that it is instinctive. However, during research, gradually became clear that sexuality can be interpreted as a process that is learned and therefore can change, that may develop. We all want to improve our sexuality, and this, on the other hand, is part of normal modern human culture.

The main advantage of IntiMoments is sexual pleasure increasing. The cream contains several active substances acting directly on the sexual organs. These include L-arginine, which causes redness at sexual organs, creates an immediate feeling of warmth, increased sensitivity to stimuli, and mucous membrane hydration. Collagen and elastin help maintain vaginal tissue elasticity and firmness. Can help restore elasticity and firmness and applied during intercourse gives a strongly perceptible firmness.

In a woman’s life can be many factors that reduce vagina moisture. Most often, this is caused by variations in hormone levels during menstruation, too tight underwear, permanent stress and taking certain medications. It is important to note that lowering levels of hormones
after menopause may also aggravate wet vagina. In this case, IntiMoments can be applied with excellent results.

Unlike commonly used hormone therapy in Western medicine, IntiMoments offers a natural solution without hormones. Menopause is not a disease! Even though menopause signals the end of female fertility, and should not mean the end of sexual activity. Modern humans and aware spend money and pay their health for a long time, but still do not put enough emphasis on intimate health.

Use IntiMoments cream can be beneficial not only during sexual intercourse, but for intimate beauty. If applied daily (two times per day), helps maintain firmness and health of sexual organs, giving the skin smoothness and providing a feeling of comfort and pleasure. Application is recommended especially after the climax, because, with age, the amount of collagen and elastin in vaginal tissue decreases. Its main active ingredients are extracted from plants with a beneficial effect on sexual organs.

– Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) helps form the mucous membrane and epithelium, increase blood flow.

– Green tea extract is a powerful antioxidant, which at the same time, refreshes, hydrates and gives an excellent firm skin; plays a role in avoiding vaginal dryness.

– Aloe vera, eucalyptus and chamomile are herbs known for their special effects in hygiene, cosmetics products; helps heal micro-injuries of the muscular wall of the vagina during intercourse.

– L-arginine, which due to congestion, may increase feelings of pleasure.

– Triethanolamine helps maintain a normal pH.

– Collagen and elastin keep skin elasticity and firmness. It is also responsible for vagina return to its natural form after having sex and especially after delivery.

– Chlorella supplements the excellent properties of collagen and elastin, because, besides the general effect of hydration and recovery, help the synthesis of these two proteins.

– Rosemary beneficial acts on the nerves and muscles.

Why Intimoments? Because it can help increase self-confidence, can embellish intimate moments and can improve sexual performance and quality of life.

Do not use this product during pregnancy. The frequency, in the first 2 weeks is 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. Later, apply once daily to maintain the effect.

Set Your Preference Meter For Love Buy Tadalafil

The drug Tadalafil is the generic name of brand drug cialis.Tadalafil is designed to consume orally. It has special characteristics and designed to change the mind set of men towards impotency by converting this most panicking factor in to negligible one. Tadalafil belongs to PDE5 inhibitor class and currently available in only pill forms. This drug has also grabbed the FDA approval added to its account. It is found and declared to be the most effective medication for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction or , buy Tadalafil to take part in the war against men cross a particular age then he found to be less active and disable to perform factor is normally noticed as man grows older. But now days this factor has been discovered in youth where they used to experience a difficulty in attaining an easy factor tends him towards impotency which at such an early phase shattered him and put him in to depression. From research it got discovered that man is suffering from this condition at an early phase due to some long time unusual and unhealthy living standard, immense work pressure and more over a disturbance in hormonal orders. But the point is that whatever may be the reason of impotency but the result is found to be dangerous which keeps on growing day by day. So at this time when human beings are challenging to have the best technology to make impossible to possible then our medical science also performed huge research and development to discover the key controller to impotency before it got hazardous.

This wonder and amusing invention in drug world is known as Tadalafil. You can buy Tadalafil to avail the wonder magic of this drug. It was initially developed by the biotechnology company ICOS and then marketed and distributed throughout the world by Eli Lilly company. Tadalafil is approved to be sold in a fractional amount of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg packs. It is also manufactured and developed under the brand name of Tadacip by Cipla.Tadacip is available in a fractional value of 10 and 20mg quantity.

The simple mechanism of Tadalafil works by going in to our body after oral consumption and then instantly works to make the penile tissues smoother and thus increases the blood channel to flow affluently in to the male sex organ. Thus make it able to attain an easy can be taken few minutes before performing sex and remain active and in effective form up to 36 hours.

Now days Tadalafil is also manufactured under generic brands. You can consider to buy Tadalafil produced under generic brand as it is offered in a 30-60% cheaper rate than brand drugs. This is because generic Tadalafil makes a copy of original structure and found similar in effect and quality as the parent one but only makes a difference in looks which don’t have any connectivity with the effects and mechanism of generic drugs.Tadalafil intake sometimes reflect some partial reactions such as headache,back pain, indigestion and runny nose consult your physician first then have a proper prescription and then buy Tadalafil.