How To Make Yourself Last Longer In Bed?

Hi! You are here because are ejaculating fast and your girl is not satisfied with you. So would you like to get on with it or give your babe that OMG Experience that she is craving for? Women are very selfish when it comes to sex and they are ready to look out for other sources to satisfy themselves.

There is no reason to panic or be under stress as a result of this. Be cool and try to figure out a solution. You can follow the steps below to prolong your ejaculation. I will ask you to follow all natural methods which if practiced regularly will go a long way in delaying your ejaculation.

Step 1 – Strengthen your Pelvic Muscle by practicing the Kegel Exercise regularly. This exercise can be done by flexing the muscle 30-40 times per day which will help your enhance time of climax.

Step 2 – You can also use a towel to practice delaying your cum. Make your cock erect and place a light towel on it. Now stretch it up and down so that it moves up and down. You have to practice it at least 30 times a day.

Step 3 – Another exercise can be done during masturbation. When you are ejecting try to stop the cum. Start from at least 2 times and then increase the time to 6-7 times. This will help you to control the ejaculation. Always make a habit of having sex regularly which will also help you to have a long lasting sex.

Step 4 – Perform sex gradually step by step. Don’t hasten or you will reach climax in no time. At first spend some time with your girl, discussing both of your sex preferences. Engage in a lot of foreplay by focussing on each and every body part. Do this slowly and enjoy the moment. Don’t think of the climax as it will be on its way sooner or later. Avoid doing anything(which you know better) that makes you to reach climax early. Women take a longer time to climax than men so always focus on making your girl reach climax before you then you will enjoy sex with a scintillating experience.

Just follow all the steps above consistently with patience. Don’t think that you will be cured in few hours. Please keep in mind that reconditioning of the body and mind is all require to satisfy your girl and you will ultimately reach the goal of lasting longer in bed.

Kamagra One Stop Solution For Repairing The ED And Impotence

There are a lot of medicines in the market for repairing the erectile dysfunction. Some of the medicines you will get that might be of Ayurvedic kind. But the effect of that medicine is not prominent enough. The medical science has invented a kind of medicine in the year of 1998 that is Sildenafil citrate. This is invented by the British scientist and marketed by the US based company, Pfizer with the name of Viagra. The invention and market launce of Viagra make the revolution in the minds of the persons who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. But the medicine was so much costly for all the people of the world. To repair the erectile dysfunction (ED) was a nightmare to all. Some of the persons of upper class could only enjoy the joy of lost sex.

The cost of Viagra is $15.00 per pill. But the happy news is that the patent protection is run up. And now all the medicine producing companies can produce the medicine after the verification and certification of FDA. Thus, after the omission of patent projection, the first Indian company Ajanta Pharma has made the medicine for business purpose. The main ingredient of the medicine is Sildenafil citrate and the company has made the Kamagra with using Sildenafil citrate that is exactly made material of Viagra. If you see the cost of it about 15 times less than Viagra. The cost of it is $1.00 per pill.

The people, who are using the first brand Viagra, may have the confusion in mind that the low cost Kamagra will not work properly in place of Viagra. But the thing is that the both medicine is made of Sildenafil citrate and the dose, power and using method with activity timing will remain the same. Viagra and Kamagra both you have to take before half an hour and should finish the activity in 4 hours. Kamagra and Viagra have the difference in their names not in their activity.

Kamagra is a medicine that repairs and makes active of the soft muscles of the body and so it works on the soft muscles of penis and heart. Thus except ED, this is successfully used in curing the PAH (Pulmonary artery hypertension). In case of the treatment of this rare disease, you have to take special supervision and the dose of the drug will be difference. So, with Kamagra, you will be able to get free enjoyable life.

Stop Premature Ejaculation – How to Last Longer By Increasing Your Sexual Stamina

I deal with several different kinds of male sexual dysfunction including erectile problems but the most common problem found, without doubt, is concerning adult men and their tendency to ejaculate too early – meaning before their sexual companions have been able to achieve an orgasm. It is so widespread that some surveys have shown that nearly half of all adult men have experienced it on a regular basis. What surprises me the most about the studies is that I think that figure is fairly conservative and might just be higher. A lot of men are hesitant to discuss the issue because of the humiliation involved and a number of them are so crippled mentally by it that relationships are frequently left in ruins. My goal is to bring this topic to the surface where it can be talked about rationally and without humiliation in much the same way that erectile dysfunction is accepted now. The significant difference between the two disorders is that premature ejaculation (PE) can be eliminated free of drugs. Erectile dysfunction (ED) acquired prominence when it was observed that sildenafil citrate, which was being analyzed for pulmonary arterial hypertension, produced strong reactions in male patients. A whole new industry was born and the rest is history. The paradox is that ED was a taboo issue until the financial power of the pharmaceutical corporations decided to make it a social issue for financial gain and ultimately for the of mankind.

??? The meaning of PE

It’s quite straightforward actually. If you ejaculate before your partner climaxes you have PE. It has nothing to do with the amount of time you can last without experiencing a climax. For instance if you can last 10 minutes (which is unusual!) and it normally takes your lover 15 minutes to climax, then you have PE. A lot of males are finished within about 3 minutes and almost all women need about 10 minutes minimum – so you can see there is a big variation in time to fill.

??? How to remedy the situation

Biologically men are designed to ejaculate rapidly as a part of the human reproductive system and being able to last longer in bed serves no purpose to improve on this. Nonetheless as humans, we are noted for altering our primal reflexes through controlling them in our higher developed brains. This is precisely what distinguishes us from other animals. Premature ejaculation falls into this classification perfectly and by making use of a systematic approach to control the sensations, your sexual staying power can be improved substantially.

To start with, you have to become acutely aware of your body and the feelings that are produced during sexual arousal. There is a thing known as the point of no return (PNR), which when arrived at, necessitates that elimination of seminal fluid is inevitable. Recognizing the approach to your PNR is the first important step and then you can use several techniques to stay below that threshold. One of these tactics is referred to as the stop and start routine and as the term suggests you simply cease (or even just lessen the pace of) your sexual motions until eventually the feelings diminish and then you start again. It usually only takes less than 30 seconds for you to be ready to start over.

One other ancient technique which has been used in Asia for hundreds of years is the art of deep breathing during lovemaking. Not many western males are acquainted with this method but it works extremely well and is used regularly by actors in the adult film industry. The nervous system and especially your sexual tension is calmed by the deep breathing and when it used together with other techniques as part of a proven strategy, the benefits are long-term.

AIDS History – The Hypotheses of the Rise of HIV

The first cases of deaths from the unknown disease, followed by weight loss, fatigue, declines, were noticed in the USA, Sweden, Tanzania, and Haiti in late 1970s, but some scientists think, that the disease appeared earlier. According to some reports, the first infected patient died of AIDS in the Republic of the Congo in 1959.

One of the first officially registered cases of AIDS was identified in the USA in June 5th, 1981, when 5 cases of pneumocystosis (severe pneumonia) were diagnosed in young homosexuals. It being known earlier that this disease has been diagnosed in immunocompromised people: old people, chronically ill persons and dysmature infants. Later scientists registered young people with Kaposi’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. This disease had been marked in the group of people, who took the medicaments, weakened the immune system.

In spite of hard therapy, most of patients died. Scientists had to conclude that diseases, suppressing immunity, combined common features. Such combination of diseases was named AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

But in 1983 scientists found the virus in enlarged lymph nodes which in 1986 was called HIV, human immunodefficiency virus. It was determined later that the frozen samples of blood serum, taken from the continent of Africa in 1960s, contain HIV antibodies. It was proved that the virus spreads through all liquid media (in different concentration): blood, sperm, breast milk etc. Since 1985 samples of donated blood and preventive examinations of patients have been taking everywhere to determine containing of HIV antibodies in blood.

1985. In addition to HIV-1, having been registered in the USA and Europe, less pathogenic and much less widespread virus, called HIV-2, was found on the territory of West Africa. World AIDS pandemic is concerned with the virus of the first type.

In 1987 the first AIDS medicine azidothymidine was tested and approved. It could slow down the development of the disease in patients with symptoms of HIV in men and in women of all ages.

1 December, 1988 is World AIDS Day.

To work with HIV-infected patients is very dangerous. As of early 1990 there were 4500 HIV-positive health care professionals (dentists, surgeons etc.).

2000. The last year of XX century. Every 5 seconds the infection affects a new victim. Every 8 minutes a new person dies. You may see how it looks like on the page “”. Between HIV and AIDS are more than 36 100 000 people.

New theories and hypothesizes of AIDS origins are intensively developing, particularly:

As the saying goes, the history of HIV infection is being written by our entire generation, but will it be read? Who knows!

Penis Enlargement- Do You Actually Need It?

There is always a lot of fuzz around men and their need to opt for enlargement options. Although, there are both medicinal and non-medicinal options to penis enlargement, firstly you would want to ascertain if it is actually required. There are a couple of reasons why you would want to go for it, however, ensure that one of the following reasons is present.

a) Naturally smaller size It is said that size is not the only thing required for satisfying sexual life. However, some men actually have quite small sizes that they are even embarrassed to talk about. A combination of enlargement supplements and some devices can help get significant results in such cases. Although, there is no standard definition for a small penis and large penis, you would have to judge it yourself or consult a doctor first.

b) Confidence Majority of men go for penis enlargement due to lack of self esteem, they cannot be blamed for it though. Even women have such a mind set to judge a man by size which leads to stress for a man and finally affects his ability to perform in bed. Herbal penis enlargement proves to be one of the best options in such cases with long term benefits in size and muscle mass.

Methods for Penis Enlargement

Once you are sure that only penis enlargement that help you perform better during the act, the task for finding the right option starts. There are different products available in the market that offer non-herbal and herbal penis enlargement ingredients. Plus, there are also some devices that can actually enhance length and girth.

a) Supplements/Pills If you go out looking for supplements, the names would be almost impossible to count. There are dozens of non-herbal penis enlargement supplements that claim to provide so called ‘incredible results’. However, if you are looking for safer and long-term usage then opt for herbal options only. They are made from natural ingredients and ensure that there no known side effects whatsoever. Vimax pills in UK are one of the options from the herbal range.

b) Pumps Good blood flow is actually the key to your girth and length. Effective penis pumps have the ability to force blood into your shaft and maintain erection. This method is great for men looking for temporary options. You can start using pumps frequently and then reduce the usage gradually.

c) Extenders A penis extender is a mechanical device that has to be used for a certain amount of time. It can be used under clothing and safer than pumps for penis enlargement. In fact, many people why using vimax pills in UK, many people also use extenders for better results.

d) Exercises Working on strength and flexibility of penis through exercising is one of the most traditional ways to penis enlargement. In fact, it is one of the safest methods for the desired results without any side effects.

e) Surgery When everything else fails to provide the desired results, people choose to go under the knife.

Conclusion Why do you want to go for enlargement and what medium you think is the best, it totally a personal decision. Whether it’s non-herbal or herbal penis enlargement, ensure that you go through the pros and cons of the options thoroughly before deciding on anything. There is nothing like the best or perfect procedure for enlargement, it simply depends on what your comfort levels are and what works for you best. A simple review of the products will not only save you from the discomfort but can also increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the procedure.

Simple Ways To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

There is nothing more frustrating than having a premature ejaculation during sex. It is one of the most embarrassing moments some guys find themselves in. Many will do anything to eradicate this problem but if you do not use the right techniques, you might fail. Premature ejaculation can be cured and these are some of the tips you can do to help you eradicate premature ejaculation completely and permanently.

1. PC / Kegel Exercises

Pc muscles or kegel exercise can help you eradicate premature ejaculation in the long run. It is the muscle that control ejaculation as it pushes semen up into your penis. If you want to locate your pc muscle, stop in the middle when urinating, you will feel a contradiction of some muscles tissues in between your anus and your penis. It is located exactly along that area, the muscles you felt is your pc muscles. Doing kegel exercises to strengthen will help you prevent premature ejaculation completely and permanently.

2. The stop and start technique

The stop and start technique is also very effective. As you start feeling you are about to ejaculate, stop thrusting and any other moments and sensations you know can lead you to ejaculate. Wait for about 20 seconds to I minute and resume. Do this whenever you get that feelings and you can go all long as much as you want. Know your body well so you do not try this when you are already at the point of no return. The point of no return is the point where you get to that whatever you do, even if her Granny walks in, you will still ejaculate. The negative side of this trick is the woman can get frustrated with the frequent stops.

3. The breathing technique

If you take a close look at your body, you will notice you breathe deeply and very rapid when you are about to orgasm. Do some breathing exercises that will help you control your breathe. If you are able to maintain the same breathing pattern when you are normal and relaxed during sex, you will achieve a longer staying power.

4. The squeeze technique

This is one technique that is very effective and simple to apply. Just squeeze your penis when you feel the urge to ejaculate. You can hard press the bottom and middle firmly to draw back the urge. Once again, make sure you are not at the point of no return.

5. Masturbate first

It has been noticed that after a guy ejaculates, then next one takes longer than the previous one. You can please yourself an hour or some few minutes to sex. After masturbating, it will take a longer period for you to come again during the actual intercourse.

6. Different sexual positions

There are positions that indirectly make a man to ejaculate quickly. Positions like the missionary and doggy style can really make a guy cum fast if care is not taking. If you are a premature ejaculator, stay away from these positions. Positions like the woman on top and both of you sitting face to face can really help you have sex for longer periods. You should also do an experiment on your own to find out other sex positions that help you minimize sensation and too much movements of your thighs and buttocks muscles.

If you are an already premature ejaculator and you need a quick fix, then purchase Enlast Prevent Premature Ejaculation Cream. All the above tips are good and when done with patience and discipline, you will eradicate your premature ejaculation permanently. But Enlast is the solution for you if you need a quick fix and you and your partner can’t wait for months to enjoy great. Apply enlast cream on your penis prior to sex to enjoy more than 30 minutes or more of great satisfactory sex.

Beware of Mobiles- it Might Affect Your Fertility

Mobile phones have become very important to our day to day existence as it keeps us connected all the time. It is the only way that keeps us in touch with one and all. We are all a product of the incredibly huge world that is surrounded by numerous people that make our lives. We all are very much in need of being in contact with each other both personally and professionally. At professional space, we all know that co coordinating with fellow employees is a must. We all cannot work without the inevitable work of taking it out with other employees. For this, we all need to be in ‘contact’ all the time. There cannot be the tremendous success that the man desires if he is not available 24/7. A man is always led by more and more desires and ambition in life. He does not at any point feel at rest and hence goes on and onto attain his goal in life.

Too much indulgence in phones has become a part of our lives. Due to our work too we need to move from one part to the other and hence end up being divorced from our dear ones. It is phones and especially the mobile phones that has made us feel ‘at ease’ with our lives. However, these mobiles phones have done more harm to us good and one of the most devastating things that it has done is reducing the level of fertility in its users. There have been various studies that show that show that keeping the phone in the lower pockets can lead to the decrease in the quality of sperm. These devices as used as they are very beneficial but the exposure to the sex organs especially the gonads might lead to very harmful effects.

It has been seen that men using more cell phones have reduced level of fertility as compared to men who do not. The vibration caused in the lower genital area at the time of a phone ringing causes disorder in the blood circulation in the genital space. This in turn causes a lot of harm to the sexual activity that a man might take up. There are though a lot of medications that can cause a huge relief as far as male impotence or erectile dysfunction is concerned. Medicines like Generic Viagra, Kamagra and Kamagra Jelly take the problem of erectile dysfunction head on. These medicines treat the problem to core by ensuring that there is proper flow of blood in the main sex organ. So Buy Viagra and feel the ecstasy called love’

Embellish Your Sex Life With Generic Viagra

Improvement in life is a constant activity. No one is perfect and not one person can be an expert in everything. There are certain points that come under the lacking segment in each and every one’s lives. Being physically strong is completely different from physically fit and healthy. The exterior fitness that is a well shaped body is not important, what is actually important is the inner strength and stamina which majority of the people lack. Health problems may be of various kinds, some may have sickness, some may have unstable levels of intake and the causes of health disorders may go on. However, the bedtime troubles is the most unfortunate of them all as most of the people suffering are not even aware of the disease.

Bedtime discomforts primly known as impotence can rise both in male and female genders. When the conditions are compared, it is found that men, who are generally known as the upper sex, are vastly affected by the bedtime impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that reduces the amount of blood inflow to the penis and there are the erection problems that follow. This frequent experience of loose erections are ought to lead to a much serious issue which is the low quality sexual intercourse. Due to the problem both the male and the female are not able to enjoy a trouble free sex life to the optimal levels. Though, the healthcare market can consist hundreds of anti-impotence products that are flooded, not all the products work in the positive manner of treating the sensitive issue. Generic Viagra is however a unique offering as it is the straight generic form of the top class brand Viagra. The generic medicine includes Sildenafil Citrate which is a primary ingredient for boosting the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow quantity in the reproduction system.

Generic Viagra is a drug that is available in the pill format which is to be orally consumed. Most of the online pharmacies stock the genuine versions of the medicine but there are certain sources which may cheat by selling off the fake products. This makes it extremely essential for the customers to trade with the superior online pharmacies that are on the Internet. The generic drug has the same effect that of the brand as it starts the effect within thirty minutes of the consumption activity. The drug is powerful enough to go on for about for a period of four to five hours. Some of the other versions of generic Viagra also work up to twenty four hours that is a period of an entire day.