Stop Premature Ejaculation – How to Last Longer By Increasing Your Sexual Stamina

I deal with several different kinds of male sexual dysfunction including erectile problems but the most common problem found, without doubt, is concerning adult men and their tendency to ejaculate too early - meaning before their sexual companions have been able to achieve an orgasm. It is so widespread that some surveys have shown that nearly half of all adult men have experienced it on a regular basis. What surprises me the most about the studies is that I think that figure is fairly conservative and might just be higher. A lot of men are hesitant to discuss the issue because of the humiliation involved and a number of them are so crippled mentally by it that relationships are frequently left in ruins. My goal is to bring this topic to the surface where it can be talked about rationally and without humiliation in much the same way that erectile dysfunction is accepted now. The significant difference between the two disorders is that premature ejaculation (PE) can be eliminated free of drugs. Erectile dysfunction (ED) acquired prominence when it was observed that sildenafil citrate, which was being analyzed for pulmonary arterial hypertension, produced strong reactions in male patients. A whole new industry was born and the rest is history. The paradox is that ED was a taboo issue until the financial power of the pharmaceutical corporations decided to make it a social issue for financial gain and ultimately for the of mankind.

??? The meaning of PE

It's quite straightforward actually. If you ejaculate before your partner climaxes you have PE. It has nothing to do with the amount of time you can last without experiencing a climax. For instance if you can last 10 minutes (which is unusual!) and it normally takes your lover 15 minutes to climax, then you have PE. A lot of males are finished within about 3 minutes and almost all women need about 10 minutes minimum - so you can see there is a big variation in time to fill.

??? How to remedy the situation

Biologically men are designed to ejaculate rapidly as a part of the human reproductive system and being able to last longer in bed serves no purpose to improve on this. Nonetheless as humans, we are noted for altering our primal reflexes through controlling them in our higher developed brains. This is precisely what distinguishes us from other animals. Premature ejaculation falls into this classification perfectly and by making use of a systematic approach to control the sensations, your sexual staying power can be improved substantially.

To start with, you have to become acutely aware of your body and the feelings that are produced during sexual arousal. There is a thing known as the point of no return (PNR), which when arrived at, necessitates that elimination of seminal fluid is inevitable. Recognizing the approach to your PNR is the first important step and then you can use several techniques to stay below that threshold. One of these tactics is referred to as the stop and start routine and as the term suggests you simply cease (or even just lessen the pace of) your sexual motions until eventually the feelings diminish and then you start again. It usually only takes less than 30 seconds for you to be ready to start over.

One other ancient technique which has been used in Asia for hundreds of years is the art of deep breathing during lovemaking. Not many western males are acquainted with this method but it works extremely well and is used regularly by actors in the adult film industry. The nervous system and especially your sexual tension is calmed by the deep breathing and when it used together with other techniques as part of a proven strategy, the benefits are long-term.