Size Matters

For many years, doctors have accepted the link between obesity and erectile dysfunction. Ignoring the purely physical problems of coupling when the expanded waist may get in the way and the excessive weight may be difficult to support, the researchers recognized that diabetes can damage the nerve endings and high levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause artherosclerosis. As the arteries harden, the first symptom will be erectile dysfunction. The penile artery is one of the smallest in the body and the first to show signs of damage. So if you see a trend of sexual problems as a younger man, this is a dangerous sign of heart disease. Without treatment, the latest evidence suggests the possibility of a stroke or heart attack within five years. But weight problems at the other end of the scale may also cause problems.

A new study from Denmark enrolled 5,500 adults into a trial. It seems women who are at either end of the weight range have fewer problems with sex. Although low body weight can affect menstruation and cause vaginal dryness, it does not physically prevent sexual activity. Even obese women find little difference to their sexual health. The real surprise was that women who admitted smoking cannabis were three times more likely to lose their enjoyment of orgasms. But, when compared to men of average weight, very thin men are more than 20 times likely to some form of sexual difficulty. This can be erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, low sperm count, and so on. Similarly, obese men were significantly more likely to experience sexual problems.

The moral of this story for men could not be more clear cut. If you have an exceptionally low BMI, you should eat more if you want to avoid sexual problems. Putting on some weight will improve performance and enjoyment. This is not to advise you to supersize on junk food. That will do far more harm than good. Within sensible limits, you should eat larger portions of more healthy food until you approach an average body weight. In this, note it will not do you any good to take one of the erectile dysfunction drugs. If your body is not responding because of low weight, the drug is unlikely to be effective. Erections should return naturally if you begin to put weight on.

If you're obese, it's in your interests to lose weight as quickly as possible. As well as reducing the physical amount of food you eat, it's also a good idea to begin a program of light exercise. As you tone up the muscles, sexual performance will improve naturally. Viagra remains an option if you're overweight, but it will not help if the nerve endings have been damaged by untreated diabetes. Once the peripheral nerves are damaged, they will not regenerate. Similarly, if you're affected by artherosclerosis, you should receive treatment to reduce the risk of heart disease. There's no point in solving the problem of erectile dysfunction in the short term if you have a stroke in two or three years time. Although you can self-medicate with the Viagra you buy online, it's always better to get proper medical advice based on a full health check-up. When your body weight's involved, guessing is not a safe option.